is the most fun you will ever have exercising!!

Established in 2005, within The Studio Baths Ladies only health club offering local woman a complete new way to work out.

A NEW and exciting way for woman of all ages shapes and sizes to get FIT and burn as many CALORIES as a gym workout!

  • Great abdominal workout
  • Tone arms and shoulders
  • Shape and tone legs
  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Build self confidence
Bath Poledancing Classes

What to Wear

Pole dancing requires grip on the pole to help you gain the most out of your workout.

Shorts and vest tops are recommended and bare foot or trainers.

Body and hand lotion is a NO NO as it will only hinder your workout!

What we offer

  • Regular weekly classes
  • Hen parties
  • 6 week courses
  • Girly get together
  • Bi-monthly workshops
  • One to one
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events


  • £7.50 drop in
  • 10 sessions - £65


Thursday 7:00 PM Beginners - £7.50
Tuesday 7:00 PM intermediate - £7.50
Tuesday 8:00 PM Beginners - £7.50

Bath Poledancing Classes


Bath Poledancing Classes

The Ultimate
Workout for
Women of Today!

2014 Offer

3 months membership

only £99
offer ends 3rd Feb 2014

Courses and Prices

Pole4 fitness

Drop in - £7.50
10 sessions - £65

(Booking required)

Power Plate

10 x 20 minute one to one sessions - £99

(Booking required)


Drop in - £7.50
10 x 45mins sessions - £65


10 x 30 minute one to one sessions - £99

(Booking required)