T R X (Suspension Training)

Suspension Training

Suspension Training

What is it?

2 straps suspended from the ceiling, with infinitive ways to use them.

Any exercise that you normally do can be performed with suspension training, but due to the instability, the core/abdominal/back muscles are working continually.


Beginner friendly - it is easy to tweak exercises to your own level of fitness and ram it up when necessary

You determine how hard or easy you want to go, so beginners and advanced can work out in the same class and get the work out that suits there level of fitness.

Cardio strength connection - don't think that it is just your muscles that will be worked. TRX moves target different parts of your body while also raising your heart rate.

Most of the exercises performed during a suspension class integrate so many muscles which require oxygen, this increases your heat beat and breath as you hold a move or do reps, making many suspension exercises cardio and strength.

It is for everyone runners to cyclists, or people who prefer pilates or yoga.

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  • 10 x 30 minute one to one sessions - £99

Suspension Training


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Courses and Prices

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10 x 30 minute one to one sessions - £99

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